Wearable Park





In the past, parks were created in each districts, and they functioned as a center for creating the community which transcended the generation gap. However, people’s field of activities are expanded, and as information diversify, community which depended on the space is increasingly replaced
by community of code, such as female senior high school students’ loose
socks, and businessmen’s suit and tie.

The advent of highly criticized change of clothes and talking on cell phone in the public space, and the advent of “Jibetarian” (person sitting on the ground), can be considered as the wall between the private space and public space which was divided by space is now transformed as a new life style recognized by “code.”

In the high-density city parks, we change the community as a place into community as “code.” In other words, by carrying the park just like carrying the cell phone, one makes the aim of the environment conservation closer to himself, and realizes that one is “a part of a body known as city.” The park pervades inside the city, and pervades into people’s consciousness, and even though it is post-architectural, it will be constructed three-dimensionally.


株式会社 小さな都市計画